33 & Melt Highest Rated Grilled Cheese on Yelp!

We are not sure how Yelp rates the "Best Grilled Cheese Orlando" but as you can see 33 & Melt is rated 4.5 stars out of 5 on Yelp. The #1 and #2 positions are Toasted with 4 stars. We understand the one has been rated more times and perhaps they have some algorithm. However, the second one I do not understand how that is above our restaurant. Just about the same amount of reviews and we are rated higher. Not sure how they come in on yelp above us, but across the board Google reviews, facebook reviews, and Yelp 33 & Melt is the highest rated Grilled Cheese in Orlando. All 4.5 Stars or above! If you are looking for the best Grilled Cheese Orlando we encourage you to come to 33 & Melt and give us a try and compare. Let us know.